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Orthodontists warn about DIY braces

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Orthodontists warn about DIY braces (WFSB) Orthodontists warn about DIY braces (WFSB)

Do-it-yourself braces is a bizarre trend that orthodontists said can cause serious damage to peoples' teeth.

“I hope that they realize that the risks are real,” Dr. David Cordes with Cordes Orthodontic in Enfield said.  

Eyewitness News looked into the trend that shows how far some teens are willing to go to get that picture perfect smile. 

However, to get that perfect smile, some teens are skipping the orthodontist and making their own braces.

“They end up doing more damage in the long term and it takes more time in braces to undo the problem and fix it,” Cordes said.

Do-it-yourself braces is a trend that picked up steam after teens started posting 'how to' videos online.  

"It's going to hurt really bad and you're going to want to maybe even give up, but don't because it's totally worth it,” Shalom DeSota states in a Do-it-yourself braces video posted on Youtube.

Teens wrap elastic bands around their teeth to close an unwanted gap.

Cordes said this could cause irreversible damage and may require surgery to even try to repair.  

“The biggest risk is causing bone loss around the teeth,” Cordes said.

One of these bands can be moved under the gums and into the bone. The teeth can also rotate or shift the teeth in the wrong direction.

“The teeth are held into your mouth through the ligaments that attach to the bone,” Cordes said.

Braces can be pricey.

“My family just doesn't money like that lying around the house,” DeSota said.

However, Cordes said that most orthodontists offer a free consultation, so patients can make informed decisions about their care.

“There are many ways, very simple things sometimes that orthodontists can do to close a space without the entire expense of braces,” Cordes said.

Like a lot of 'do-it-yourself' projects, orthodontists said the work is best left to the experts,especially when it concerns your health.  

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