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Psychologist weighs in on deadly college shooting

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Oregon vigil (AP) Oregon vigil (AP)

As the campus community at Umpqua Community College looks to heal, Thursday’s traffic events are a sobering reminder that gun violence happens far too often.

Now, questions are being asked about what led the gunman to kill and the similarities shared with past mass shootings.

A 26-year-old is accused of shooting and killing nine people on Thursday.

According to every town for gun safety, it is the 18th mass shooting in 2015, and the 138th where four or more people were killed since 2009.

"The one very common and obvious theme is that there's a lot of high powered weaponry involved and these people have been able to amass these arsenals that they can unleash on innocent and unsuspecting people,” said Dr. Jonathan Craig Allen, medical director of Rushford Medical Center.

He said that while each of the deadly incidents is unique, the killers are often isolated and disconnected from society.

"These folks tend to have poor or superficial social relationships and emotional relationships with other people.  They don't have a network of folks they can go to and talk to,” Allen said.

While there is an assumption that those responsible are suffering from mental illness, that is not often the case.

But, as the mass shootings continue, many wonder whether the shooters are trying to make a name for themselves.

"There’s the potential that the news coverage, the notoriety that the individual who perpetrates this horrible act gets might be something that is attractive to other people who have that similar personality construct,” Allen said.

As for the shooter in Oregon, he died after exchanging gunfire with police. Authorities said they don’t believe he had a criminal history.

Social media profiles linked to him suggested he was frustrated by traditional organized religion and even tracked other mass shootings.

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