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Fall season can trigger anxiety, depression

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Fall season can trigger anxiety, depression (WFSB) Fall season can trigger anxiety, depression (WFSB)

Fall is in full swing, and while New Englanders love the season, it can also trigger anxiety and depression for many.

Experts said the season can actually cause biological and emotional changes among many.

“A good deal of it is based on triggers in nature,” said Dr. J. Craig Allen, of the Rushford Center.

The days get shorter, and the darkness can impact the mood of many people.

“Sunlight affects Vitamin D receptors in our skin, and then Vitamin D can impact our moods,” Craig Allen said. “But someone who is exquisitely sensitive to these things, may have a profound experience on their mood.”

Shorter days can cut down on the amount of time spent outdoors.

“I like to run, and when I get home at 5 p.m. and it's already starting to get dark, it kind of stinks,” said Serena Liu of Windsor.

For many people who suffer from allergies, the fall season can throw the body out of whack.

Studies show that allergies and depression are linked.

There is also a lot going on as the fall season begins, like back to school, and a busier commute on the roads, which can all add to the stress.

Plus, while it is only October, some retailers have already decked the halls and stocked the shelves with holiday merchandise.

Even thinking about the holidays can stir up some heavy emotions for some.

“The holidays is another time where people think about wonderful times that they've experienced with people who may no longer be there. Beautiful times in the past that they long for or yearn for,” Craig Allen said.

There are some simple things people can do to keep anxiety in check. Staying healthy by exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep is a great start.

Also, keeping a manageable schedule is helpful.

“Because you feel sad, it's normal, and doesn't mean you have a major depressive disorder. But if you do have a major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder there are very effective evidence based treatments available,” Craig Allen said.

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