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Woman has temporary veneers put on by dentist before license suspension

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A Connecticut woman said she is out thousands of dollars, and beyond disappointed, after hearing her dentist had his license suspended.

A little over one month ago, state health officials temporarily suspended the dental license of Dr. Wilford Samson.

Up until recently, he ran four offices, including two that closed a short time ago in Hartford and Bristol.

His license suspension is not related to one patient, who only wanted to be called “Wendy." She said Samson applied temporary veneers in late August. She said the veneers cost her thousands, but there was a promise that permanent ones were coming soon.

"It was important to me, and when I walked out of Dr. Samson's office my teeth looked scary with these new temps and I went home and cried,” Wendy said.

Wendy said she is heading to London later this week to see her daughter, which is part of the reason she wanted the work done. However, she has not been fitted with the permanent veneers. 

On Monday afternoon, she walked out of another Enfield dentist’s office with new temporary veneers that make her happy. However she said she won’t forget her bad experience in Samson’s Hazard Avenue office.

The practice Samson bought back in June from embattled dentist Rashmi Patel.

Wendy said every time she tried to get back in with Samson for her follow up, there were excuses.

"I tried repeatedly, called the office and they told me different reasons and events. Then I found out his license was suspended and my concern is I put $6,000 dollars down on this,” Wendy said.

Samson’s license was reportedly suspended for failing to adequately sterilize a variety of instruments in his now closed Hartford and current Old Saybrook locations, storing and/or moved instruments in unsterilized locations, and failing to maintain proper hand hygiene.

Also, for inaccurately showing compliance with mandatory continuing education requirements, and failing to document almost two dozen prescriptions in a patient’s record.

Over the phone on Monday, Samson told the Eyewitness News I-Team that Wendy had an appointment on Monday, but didn’t show up. He apologized for being longer than expected, but added that the case was tough.

It appears Samson’s office tried to schedule an appointment with Wendy on Monday.

The I-Team listened to a voicemail Monday from the doctor's office trying to schedule an appointment for Wendy for Monday or Tuesday. That voicemail was at 10:40 a.m. on Monday. Samson was adamant she had an appointment on Monday though the message indicated they were trying to set one up.

Samson also disputes some of the state’s charges against him, citing misunderstandings and others, like admitting he may have been trying to juggle too much while acquiring Patel’s old office.

Wendy said she already has new temporary veneers and just wants her $6,000 back.

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