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Reports of MRSA on Yale campus

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Reports of MRSA on Yale campus (WFSB) Reports of MRSA on Yale campus (WFSB)

A few athletes on Yale University campus are reportedly infected with MRSA, a potentially dangerous staph infection.  

A report states that some members of the Yale baseball and women's rowing teams were infected with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is more commonly known as MRSA. It is a bacteria resistant to certain types of commonly used antibiotics.

"I don't know much about the illness,” Yale freshman Sophia Morales said.  “[I] have heard it’s contagious through actual contact."

People can contract MRSA By coming in contact with another person who has it or by touching something that the bacteria is on such as contaminated towels or gym equipment.

Depending on where a person is infected, it can be mild and cause sores on the skin.  However, more serious MRSA infections can impact the bloodstream or lungs.

"It’s a little worrisome, but I wouldn't blow it out of proportion Yale senior Mustafa Malik said. “It's a college campus, infections happen.”

Yale University released a statement on the cases of MRSA.  

"Periodically we have had small clusters of MRSA skin infection involving people who share athletic equipment and/or have other skin to skin contact.  This is not uncommon in college sports, gyms and other related settings,” the statement from Yale University said.

In fact, community-associated MRSA is common with not just athletes, but also military recruits and prison inmates. Community-associated MRSA can happen anywhere there is contact and close quarters.  That’s why the university said there is an ongoing effort to clean and disinfect the contaminated environment. 

Some students told Eyewitness News they had no clue about the cases of MRSA.  And even if the university has it under control, they felt it would have been nice if Yale sent out an alert.

"Of course, the campus needs proper precaution, let people know,” Malik said. “I didn't know, so I'm a little surprise, something like that happens. I think students should be notified as quickly as possible, just as a public health concern."

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting, Yale Health is also reminding students about the proper hygiene especially washing their hands.

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