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Mailbox thieves sought after thefts posted to YouTube

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Someone is driving around a Berlin neighborhood stealing people's mail.

Neighbors said video surfaced on the website YouTube and showed a white car pull up to a mailbox on Summit Wood Drive.

A passenger rolled down the car's backseat window, opened the box then quickly sped off in the vehicle.

People in the neighborhood said they're concerned the same thing could happen to them.

"Well, it kind of makes me angry because I feel like violated," said Emilie Albit of Berlin. "Why should someone take something out of my mail?"

Doug Sanders was waiting for a check last Friday, but when his wife opened their mailbox "there was no mail and there was no junk mail either."

He said he called the postal service who insisted they had delivered the mail including his check, which had been sent overnight.

The next day, he said his neighbor from a half mile away had an armful of wet mail for him.

Someone took Sanders' letters and dumped them on the ground.

"All the mail was open...of course they didn't take the bills. I wish they would have," he said.

His check was taken by the thieves, and Sanders learned someone had stolen his neighbors as well.

Anyone with information about the vehicle or the suspects are asked to call the Berlin Police Department at 860-828-7080.

While billions of pieces of mail are processed each year, the United States Postal Inspection Service said "mail is still one of the safest ways to transmit personal information." 

However, officials with the United States Postal Inspection Service said that stealing mail is a federal offense and people convicted of the crime face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 

To prevent mail theft, use the following tips from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service:

  • If a mail receptacle has a locking device, make sure it works. Apartment boxes should be maintained by the landlord.
  • If you’re expecting a check or credit card but are unable to be home for delivery, ask a trusted friend get the mail, or better yet, have the mail placed on hold if you’re away.
  • Report suspicious activity to local police or Postal Inspectors. This would include someone following a carrier, attempting to break into a postal vehicle, or tampering with mail.
  • Report non-receipt of valuable mail as soon as possible by calling banks, credit card issuers, and Postal Inspectors.
  • Use letter slots at the Post Office to mail letters or give them to your carrier.
  • Consider having blank checks mailed to a bank for pick up.

For more information, click here or call 877-876-2455.

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