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Ansonia residents meet over burglaries in town

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Residents gathered on Thursday after a series of beark-ins. (WFSB) Residents gathered on Thursday after a series of beark-ins. (WFSB)

Neighbors in Ansonia are taking action after a rash of burglaries this summer.

On Thursday night, many of them met at their fire department to strategize how to prevent it from happening again. Residents told Eyewitness News they're still concerned about potential burglaries. That's the reason why creating a block is so important.

“Ever since we had that rash of break-ins all over the hilltop, people are getting nervous,” Lou Angelucci, of Ansonia, said. “They're getting upset.”

The Hilltop section of Ansonia is normally pretty quiet, according to its residents. But over the summer, there were at least seven burglaries. Some of them on Reservoir Drive and another on Pine Oak Lane.

“It can happen anytime anywhere,” Angelucci said.

“It just seemed like it was happening every night,” Ansonia Mayor David Cassetti said. “I'm glad now they've calmed down.”  

While suspects have been identified, no arrests have been made by police. 

“It doesn't make me very happy,” Angelucci said. “My wife is very upset over it.”

But, on Thursday night, neighbors turned their fear into action. More than two dozen neighbors gathered to launch their own neighborhood block watch.

“There was never a block watch formed in the Hilltop area,” Cassetti said. “And this is where the rash of burglaries were.”  

Several residents volunteered to be block captains while others just wanted to offer their support.

“They keep an eye out for the houses or they look around for strange cars,” Angelucci said.  

They plan to meet monthly with each other and police. They also plan to exchange ideas with other neighborhood block watches in Ansonia on how they have been effective.

“The more eyes on the neighborhood watching out for each other, the better off the entire city will be,” Ansonia Alderman Lorie Vaccaro said.

Cassetti told Eyewitness News police have also been keeping their eyes on the community too. 

“I'm spending over $20,000 a week in overtime patrolling the Hilltop and the rest of the city to bring in extra officers for detail,” Cassetti said.  

Ansonia Police Chief told residents he’s hoping to submit arrest warrants for the robbery suspects sometime within the next few weeks

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