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Letter by young boy helps New London officer heal

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A 9-year-old gives New London officer letter. (WFSB) A 9-year-old gives New London officer letter. (WFSB)

A hand written letter by a 9-year-old boy brought one New London police officer to near tears this week.  

The letter was an encouraging note to New London officer Anthony Nolan that he get better following an accident.

Two weeks ago, Nolan lost his footing while on duty and hurt his knee.  While recuperating, he came home to find a hand-written letter and drawings taped to his front door along with something extra.

 “It was just odd, you know. Got it, read it, almost started crying,” Nolan said.

The 9-year-old heard the officer got hurt and wrote “my mom says you're hurt. I’m sad because you can’t read to me.”

The art work on the letter was of a police cruiser with two suspects inside, and flowers were drawn by the young boy’s sister.   

Nolan met the 9-year-old about two years ago at Ocean Beach. The boy and a friend were upset at the time because a book that they had with them had gotten wet.  

“I told them I got a book. That was similar to the one they have didn’t know what kind of book it was,” Nolan said. “It ended up about being about not having parents. One of those 'gulp' moments.”

The gulp came while Nolan was reading the part in the letter that said “I don’t have a dad…only you read to me.”  

Nolan told Eyewitness News he’s been reading to the kids for almost two years and he has made a connection with them.  

“They let me know what it means to them not to see me, which made me feel a lot better.  It was like one of those healing moments,” Nolan said. “Even though you’re sick, you feel healed.”

The kids even taped some coffee money to the letter, so their friendly neighborhood policeman “can get better.”

“Kids make us feel just as wonderful as we’re supposed to make them feel,” Nolan said.  

Nolan posted the letter on Facebook. He said the comments are just as rewarding. The letter‘s impact went far beyond one man’s eyes.

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