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Glitch leaves Rush Card customers without access to money

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Glitch leaves Rush Card customers without access to money (WFSB) Glitch leaves Rush Card customers without access to money (WFSB)

Rush Card customers told Eyewitness News they are angry after losing access to their money over the last few days.

Some are unable to pay bills while others said they're racking up late fees. It's because of a technology glitch.

Rush cards are essentially a pre-paid card used as a tool to rebuild credit history. People can have their paychecks sent right to the card and can also pay their bills online.

But customers said because of the current issues, they don't have a dime to spend.

"It's not back up. Nothing is fixed,” Natasja Jurgensen, of Norwich, said. “It's just we need our answers."

Jurgensen said she is fed up. For the last four days, her Rush Card has not been working. That means she and her family have no access to their money.

The seven year customer said she relies on the card for all of her purchases.

"My rent, my bills, food on the table, diapers for my kid, child care...just everything,” Jurgensen said. “It's like my life."

The problems started on Sunday when Rush Card decided to conduct multiple systems updates and transition to a new technology provider.

Since then, Jurgensen has been trying to call customer service to get the problem resolved, but to no avail.

While Rush Card did not respond to requests from Eyewitness New for comment, they have been tweeting updates to their customers.

On Wednesday afternoon, they tweeted "we are continuing to work our hardest to solve these issues."

That tweet was not enough for those such as Jurgensen, who has a family to feed and bills piling up.

"I just want this thing resolved and just want my money back,” Jurgensen said.

Jurgensen said no matter what happens rush card has lost her as a customer. She’s now looking to get an American Express Card.

On Wednesday evening, RushCard said in a statement "RushCard is working around the clock to resolve all of these matters. We have restored many of our customers' accounts, but we acknowledge that there are still customers that need their accounts fixed and their problems resolved. We know how important our cards are to people who use them to conduct their daily lives. We apologize for the inconveniences and for the hardships that many of our customers are currently facing."

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