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Truck driver shortage impacts CT residents

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A shortage of trucker drivers is impacting how people purchase items. 

There is a local and national push to hire more drivers. Eyewitness News looked into what truck companies are doing to entice new drivers.  

“Everything that we consume gets moved there by truck,” Mark Gagnon, who is the owner of Capital Moving in Hartford, said.  

 The shortage is causing the price of many everyday items from gas to groceries to climb.

 “The baby boomers are getting older, retiring,” Gagnon said.

Gagnon said there is not enough people to replace them. He added that he has seen the problem first hand.

“The trucking industry as a whole we haven't done a great job of publicizing how lucrative it can be as a career,” Gagnon said. 

 There’s a shortage of 48,000 truckers. That number is expected to triple within the next 10 years. In turn, that shortage could impact the price of grocery items and electronics.

“We’re already seeing pricing going up,” Gagnon said. “The only thing that's help is fuel is going down.”

The industry however also is facing another problem with less than 7 percent of drivers being women.

Gagnon said to combat the trucker shortage, he’s launched an apprentice program that can helps train drivers.

“We have sign on bonuses,” Gagnon said. “Any van operator that refers anybody to us and gets signed on gets a signed on bonus.”

Gagnon said a truck driver on average 75,000 to a 150,000 a year. 

“It's kind of the business where once you get in, it gets in your blood,” Gagnon said. 

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