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New tool by BBB helps track, report scams in CT and U.S.

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BBB scam tracker helps to report and track scams. (WFSB) BBB scam tracker helps to report and track scams. (WFSB)

A new tool is helping to empower business owners and consumers especially those people, who have been victims of a scam.

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau launched what's being called the scam tracker. It's a new program designed to report and track illegal schemes going on across the country including ones in Connecticut.

When using the program, the colored circles on the interactive map mark the spots where a scam is taking place. Users can see various types of fraud sweeping the country or zoom into Connecticut.

"Believe it or not, the number one scam in many places is internal revenue service imposters,” BBB Spokesman Howard Schwartz said. “They're calling people and telling them they owe money to the IRS and that they have to give out a credit card number."

A new feature lists and ranks the prevalence of fraud ranging from government imposters to illegal contractors, identity theft and more.

Experts said educating yourself about the types of scams out there is the best protection.

"In 2015, we have to learn it all unfortunately.  The good part is the scams generally operate the same way,” Schwartz said. “They're either going to be by email, in a web page, a telephone call or someone at your front door."

The scam tracker doesn't just allow user to track scams, they can also report them.  This feature is music to the ears of consumers’ especially small business owners who are often targets.

"If everyone could help each other out and point people towards where there's this problem then I think it's better off,” Dylan Milardo, of Middletown, said.

If you'd like to report a scam or just check out the tracker, click here.

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