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Inappropriate group chat suspends high school football team from game

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Plainfield High School (WFSB) Plainfield High School (WFSB)

The Plainfield High School football team has been suspended from playing in Friday night’s game against Waterford after an inappropriate group chat was being used among some players.

The school principal said some football team members were involved in a group chat on “Whatsapp,” which is a messenger app used on smartphones.

At first, the principal said conversations just involved football players and was reportedly meant to be positive and used for team building.

However, the conversation became inappropriate and other students at Plainfield High School became involved.

A district parent told Eyewitness News said the chat included images and videos of a sexual nature, that included school-aged students, however the principal did not confirm that information.

A student also told Eyewitness News that high school girls were victimized by their own classmates. The student, who wished to remain anonymous, said 13 football players, including some of his closest friends, held a group chat message on social media recently where photos of naked female high school students were shared.

The student said at least five female students were in the photos, including freshman girls as young as 14.

On Thursday, officials said someone brought the conversation to the principal’s attention after school, and an investigation began on Friday.

School officials contacted police for advice, however no police are involved in the investigation.

Officials said this is a school issue that involves “inappropriate cyber activity,” which is a violation of the student/athletic code of conduct.

The football team has forfeited Friday night’s game.

"Definitely more should be done. Suspending them for one game, what's that gonna do? They'll do it again," said Plainfield parent Brad Blanchard.

There have been prior issues involving the football team as well.

On Sept. 26, police responded to the school for a report of a fight at a football game that involved fans and players.

The incident happened as players were exiting the field at the end of the game.

Police arrested two individuals who were banned from school grounds for future events.

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