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Bridgeport candidate promises freebies to voters

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Bridgeport candidate promises freebies to voters (WFSB) Bridgeport candidate promises freebies to voters (WFSB)

Election Day is now just two weeks away and in Bridgeport a little known candidate is making some big promises to voters including giving away laptops and cable television if elected.

Many told Eyewitness News they are wondering if the campaign promises by 46-year-old Chris Taylor are legal.

Taylor is a petitioning candidate, who admits he's a long shot and is promising some big ticket items if elected.

"I'm the 3 legged horse in the race,” Taylor said. “If I win, it’s out of determination, passion, and just hard work."

If Taylor becomes Bridgeport’s mayor, he said anyone who voted on Election Day, will end up with a free laptop computer, basic cable and internet, a bike for each child and guardian as well as a credit card with a $300 limit.

"Those are now necessities,” Taylor said. “To not have those in today's age I think is cruel."

While Taylor said it won't cost taxpayers a thing, he would not tell Eyewitness News his plan to pay for it at least not yet.

"Macy's doesn't tell Gimbels,” Taylor said. “I'll be happy to divulge my strategies after I'm sworn in."

Taylor, who sold his demolition business and went back to school, said a better Bridgeport starts with quality of life issues. He knows his odds are long.

The seven person race includes, the democratic nominee and former mayor Joe Ganim, businesswoman Mary Jane foster, and republican nominee Enrique Torres.

But, some said the campaign promise just doesn't seem right.  

"Honestly, I'm looking at it and it seems like a bribe,” Govanny Gomez, of Bridgeport, said. “Somebody trying to get extra votes."

The Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission would not comment on a specific case. But, the commission referred Eyewitness News to its illegal practices statute, which includes "any person who directly or or offers or promises to any person any money, gift...for the purpose of inducing or procuring any vote." 

"I would think that they're trying to buy votes,” Brenda Baker, of Bridgeport, said. “Nothing is for free in this world, nothing."

"These are tools to help you be a better Bridgeport resident,” Taylor said. “If you constitute the necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, bribery, shame on you."

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