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Homeowner uses hammer to ward off would-be burglar in Waterbury

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A burglar picked the wrong house to break into in Waterbury, according to police.

They said a would-be thief tried to attack homeowner Jose Uchu inside his own home.

Uchu, 50, told Eyewitness News that he was down in the basement fixing a door after putting in a boiler when he heard a sound coming from another room late Friday night.

"[I said] ‘what is that?’” Uchu said. “I open the door, I see this guy right here."

Police said that “guy” was 41-year-old Angel DeJesus.

Uchu said DeJesus got into his Cook Street home by sliding through a basement window.

When both ran into each other, Uchu said DeJesus came at him with a knife.

"It’s his life or it’s my life,” Uchu said.

The homeowner said he reached for his nearby tools, picked up a hammer and started swinging away.

"I took the hammer, he comes to attack me, looks at me and says ‘I'm going to kill you,’” Uchu said. “I say, ‘you're killing me?’  And I'm like ‘I'm going to attack too, my defense.’"

Uchu said the tussle continued until DeJesus ran out a basement door.

At that point, Uchu’s daughter and son were outside after hearing their father’s screams.

“I ran up to the guy with my brother, once we grabbed him there, he decided to keep moving," said Annayely Felipe of Waterbury.

They said they finally got DeJesus to go down and when police showed up, Uchu was on top of a bloodied suspect, holding him to the ground.

"Other people called the police and they're like ‘what happened?’” Uchu said. “And he says ‘help me, my arm is broken.’ I don't know.  Maybe yes, maybe no."

Police said they found two knives on DeJesus.

He was brought to St. Mary’s Hospital where he was treated for multiple cuts to the back of his head, a dislocated left shoulder and a possible broken hand.

While he wouldn’t speak with police, police said they charged him with burglary with a deadly weapon, assault and breach of peace.

"I don't wish this to happen to anybody,” Felipe said. “You can't go to sleep peacefully because you think someone might get into your house again and do the same thing to your dad."

Uchu told Eyewitness News that he’s ok. He only suffered a few scrapes where the knife grazed him. He also said he’s plenty sore.

Police said DeJesus is being held on a $35,000 bond. He’s due in court next month.

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