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Redistricting plans stir debate in Middletown

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Dozens of people turned out for a redistricting plan in Middletown. (WFSB) Dozens of people turned out for a redistricting plan in Middletown. (WFSB)

Tempers flared in Middletown on Thursday night as parents had the chance to speak out about a potential plan to move kids from their schools.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patricia Charles said redistricting is necessary for the districts future... But parents say, not so fast.

Parents had their chance to see some preliminary plans last night... And even though they were told none of these are ready for implementation... Many don't want to see any plan go through at all.

Charles said it's a preemptive move to racially and socioeconomically balance the schools.

Under state law, no school should have a minority enrollment that's "substantially" above or below the level of that district overall.

Middletown is in compliance, but officials said that could change in a few years.

Parents in town told Eyewitness News they are concerned about the uprooting of kids, away from their familiar schools, teachers and friends.

“It just upsets me because, he used to it,” parent April Snow-Heppenstall said. “It's a neighborhood school, close to his friends. It’s close to our home and I’m very happy with the school.”

"The kids already do not get home until at least a half hour after school gets out and if they have to go to a school twice as far away,” Middletown parent Catherine Roberts said. “Obviously it's going to take a bit longer."

The board of education will schedule another meeting like this for next month. They have a goal of implementing a plan for the fall of 2016.

The current board of education won't be the ones to implement a plan. There are five opening on the board up for election in a couple of weeks.

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