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Liberty Bank Channel 3 SurPRIZE Squad fills oil tank for CT pastor

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The Liberty Bank Channel 3 SurPRIZE Squad was able to help keep a Connecticut pastor and his family warm this winter.

Trina Bish would describe her husband, Pastor Thomas Bish as a caring and loving man, whose love for God is real.

Thomas Bish has been the pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Wallingford for almost two decades.

His faith has gotten him through some recent tough times, according to his family.

“About 8 years ago he went through double pneumonia,” pastor’s son Tim Bish said. “He was in ICU for about 4.5 weeks; and it was shortly after coming out of pneumonia, he found out he had cancer.”

After multiple surgeries and two amputations on one of his legs, Pastor Thomas Bish has refused to let that bring him down, emotionally and physically.

“He chose to walk again when it was very difficult and then I watched him say, 'O.K. I'm going to run again,'” Trina Bish said.

But financially, the medical bills have taken quite a toll on the Bish family.

“Three years ago, they didn't buy any heating oil because they couldn't afford it,” Tim Bish said. “They ran their entire winter off of a fireplace and an electric heater.”

But, they won't have to do that this year. Nicole Nalepa from the Liberty Bank Channel 3 SurPRIZE Squad visited the pastor and his family. They were there to fill up his oil tank.

“Wow. Thank you. What a blessing,” Thomas Bish said.

“The kindness is just overwhelming. Thank you so much,'” Trina Bish said.

“There was never a miracle before there was a crisis and if you look at it that way you have hope--and hope keeps you going,” Thomas Bish said.

While his hope may have kept him afloat, Thomas Bish said his challenges have also made him stronger.

“I get to talk to a lot of amputees, a lot of cancer patients,” Thomas Bish said. “And as a pastor, I'd always give them counsel and encouragement. It sounds weird to say, but, now, it's like I know what to say.”

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