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Questions raised over democratic campaign mailers

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Gov. Dannel Malloy (WFSB file photo) Gov. Dannel Malloy (WFSB file photo)

One year after Gov. Dannel Malloy won re-election, a complaint against the democratic party's campaign has landed in civil court.

The whole case centers around the state’s Democratic Party, and if it illegally took money from a federal account to pay for campaign mailers.

The Attorney General’s office said after the State Elections Enforcement Commission got the complaint, and even sent a subpoena, nobody would cooperate.

The complaint was made by the Republican Party, who claimed that the mailers were illegal because the democrats allegedly used money specifically meant for federal campaigns, not state campaigns.

The big deal is that state contractors can only get to federal accounts to avoid influencing local elections.

However, attorneys arguing for democrats said federal election laws exempt them from state jurisdiction.

“It preempts any state law from authorizing disclosure of information,” said Attorney David Golub.

The party maintains that the mailers were part of a get-out-the-vote effort.

However, the Republican Party chairperson called it “arrogance and offensive” and said Malloy’s photo and name are on the mailers.

Watch dog groups said clean and fair elections matter.

"It’s critical, it speaks to the kind of state we are in terms of how it people are able to run - how to finance their campaigns,” said Cheri Wentmire of Common Cause.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission has asked the court to allow them to subpoena records to start an investigation.

If it goes forward, and a violation is found, there could be fines, or the democrats may have to pay some of the money back.

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