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Mother caught on camera stealing Halloween candy

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When it comes to Halloween, a man in San Diego has the house that every child wants to go to.

Nathan Brown had a novel idea.

"We thought they'd really enjoy full size candy bars,” he said. “So we put the candy bars out, left a message, ‘hey help yourself, be considerate.’"

While he was gone, his security camera caught kid after kid helping themselves to a full size candy bar or two.

However, something happened that he said completely shocked him.

There was an adult in a costume that seemed to have one mission.

"Her kids took one or two and then she comes over and starts grabbing them all,” Brown said. “It was shocking."

Check out the video here.

Brown said he never saw that coming, especially from a mother.

“And the kids were even thrown off by it too,” he said. “You see the kid with the Edward Scissorhands, he took a couple jokingly and then puts them back and then she comes and starts to take them all."

Brown said who the woman is remains a mystery.

"I'd say she made off with like 20 or 30 candy bars,” he said.

Brown said he posted the video online and it’s since gone viral. It accumulated millions of views and a lot of opinions.

"There's thousands of comments, it was the number one post on Reddit,” he said. “Really negative, negative things about her. [A] lot of shaming."

It was for that reason that Brown said he posted it. He said for all he knows, she doesn’t even live in the neighborhood.

He hopes that she does stumble onto the video.

"She has to learn her lesson,” Brown said. “Someone has to know not to steal from children. It's simple not to teach your kids to do that. Because then you're teaching kids that are just like you."

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