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Snorting smarties can lead to infections, bleeding, doctors say

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Some students in Middeltown were found to be snorting Smarties candies, according to school officials.

School leaders called it a dangerous trend that's made a comeback in recent years, especially among younger students.

In the recent Middletown case, leaders said students were inhaling the candy but not necessarily through their noses.

While experts stressed that inhaling the candy does not get people high, it could lead to many other health risks.

"If it is not a fine powder, the candy pieces can be like razor blades," said Dr. Michelle Petrucelli of Hartford Hospital. "If a piece gets stuck there that you don't swallow [and] doesn't go into your stomach, that can be a problem. That can cause infection [and] bleeding."

Petrucelli said that bacteria and fungus love sugar, so those who snort the candy are at risk for ingesting microbes that can cause a serious infection.

She recommended speaking with children about the potential dangers of inhaling crushed candy.

"I think it is important for families to talk to their kids about this, that this could even be going on," Petrucelli said. "Because parents might not even realize that. And my concern is, it's not going to be little kids that are doing this, it's going to be your older kids..middle schoolers, high schoolers [and], God forbid, upper elementary school."

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