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Exploring Vinted Wine Bar & Kitchen's lunch menu

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Vinted Wine Bar & Kitchen in West Hartford is expanding their menu. They are now offer a lunch time menu where you can get your hands on some delicious food and wine!

Chef Michael Voight makes us a Kale Salad and Duck Confit Sandwich, all of which you can get at Vinted. Check them out on 63 Memorial Road in West Hartford. They are serving lunch Monday through Friday and don't forget Happy Hour!

Kale Salad:

Red Kale

Curly kale

Watermelon Radish

Purple Dikon Radish


Candied Pecans


1 pint Buttermilk

4 tablespoons Rice Wine vinegar

TT Salt

TT Pepper

½ cup 10% oil

2 tablespoons red onion


Duck Confit Sandwich: 

Confit duck leg Picked


Sliced apple

Blue cheese





Country Sourdough 


Heat Butter, Picked Duck Meat, Blue Cheese, salt and pepper in a pan on medium heat.

Stir slowly till all ingredients slowly melt together.

Lower Heat and start to build your sandwich

Panini Press is best but you can you any cast iron Pan or regular pan.