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Bronin claims victory in Hartford Mayor's race

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Democrat Luke Bronin arrives at his campaign headquarters. (WFSB) Democrat Luke Bronin arrives at his campaign headquarters. (WFSB)
Republican Ted Cannon (left) and Democrat Luke Bronin (right) are vying for Hartford's mayoral seat. (WFSB photos) Republican Ted Cannon (left) and Democrat Luke Bronin (right) are vying for Hartford's mayoral seat. (WFSB photos)

Democrat Luke Bronin claimed victory in the Hartford mayor's race on Tuesday evening. 

Gov. Dannel Malloy declared victory for his "long-time friend" Bronin as he arrived at his headquarters on Tuesday night. 

"He ran an inclusive, effective campaign that gave a voice to everyday residents, and I’m confident that he will use that philosophy of inclusion to move the Capital City forward as its leader," Malloy said in a release on Tuesday. 

Bronin, who defeated Mayor Pedro Segarra in the primary, said he would curb crime and recruit more officers has been one of the major talking points of his platform.

The day after winning the primary, Malloy endorsed Bronin. The two have worked together, and on Tuesday Malloy was out with Bronin thanking campaign workers.

"It's a great job being mayor, a wonderful job, really, local government is where the rubber meets the road," Malloy said. "He's (Bronin) got a lot of challenges ahead of him but he's certainly well-prepared for that." 

The primary was a tough defeat for incumbent Mayor Pedro Segarra, who had far less money and took the fall during a spike in crime, and was blamed for waiting too long to ask for help.

"I would also like to sincerely thank Mayor Segarra for his years of service to the City of Hartford. His hard work and dedication to the city were invaluable in helping Hartford grow. He has been a dedicated public servant," Malloy said. 

Bronin had his own challenges, as he hasn't lived in the city for very long and is considered an outsider who was able to raise a lot of money.

"There are no doubt challenges ahead, but having worked with him for several years, I know he is up to the task and that he will deliver results," Malloy said. "I forward to working together to strengthen the Hartford community and continuing to move the city into the future." 

Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto said Bronin’s victory "is a testament to the effectiveness of empowering the grassroots to deliver change."  

"The positive message that propelled Luke to victory will no doubt help him engage the community as Mayor,” Balletto said in release on Tuesday. 

Ted Cannon was the Republican candidate. Cannon said he was committed to cutting spending and challenging the status quo. 

"My thoughts moving forward is to wish him all the luck in the world. I know he has some good ideas. I hope he can implement them and I am looking forward to a better Hartford," Cannon said.

Unaffiliated candidates Joel Cruz and Patrice Smith were also on the ballot. 

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said that the city has a state-appointed election monitor to help coordinate preparations and execute Election Day procedures. This following last year's plethora of polling problems.

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