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How to spot behavioral and learning disorders in children

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We are talking with Dr. Robert Reynolds about what is "normal" when it comes to children who are constantly fighting everything their parents say and do. 

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD):

- A recurrent pattern of negative, defiant, disobedient, and hostile behavior toward authority figures, most often parents.

- A Condition of Chronic Inflexibility

- It occurs in approx. 10% of kids

- Untreated: often gets worse

Signs of ODD (4 or more of following):

- Often loses temper

- Often argues with adults

- Often defies adults requests or rules

- Often deliberately annoys people

- Often blames other for mistakes or misbehavior

- Often touchy or easily annoyed

- Often angry and resentful

Treatment Do's and Don'ts:

- Stop the Punishment, Punishment and more Punishment--doesn't work

- Stop the Yelling and the Threats 

- Start Picking and Choosing Battles

- Start Modeling Flexibility

- Start Cooperative Problem-Solving

- Time for Old Dogs to Learn New Tricks

If you want to learn more about ODD and how to best manage a number of other behavioral and learning challenges children face, check out The Reynolds Clinic.