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Woodstock voters say 'yes' to liquor sales

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Woodstock voters answer question about selling alcohol (WFSB) Woodstock voters answer question about selling alcohol (WFSB)

On Tuesday, voters in Woodstock headed to the polls to decide whether to let a local store sell alcohol.

For 80 years, the town of Woodstock has been semi-dry. 

However, on Tuesday night, voters said 'yes' and now grocery stores will be able to sell packaged beer.

This topic has been bantered about town over the years but never was taken to a town vote.

The Woodstock Village Country store spearheaded the initiative, as the store is under new management.

At the polls earlier in the day, voters were on both sides of the topic, with a variety of reasons.

“Yeah, it doesn't make any difference to me but it's a citizen's right, but it's a citizen's right to enjoy that freedom,” said Charles Samples of Woodstock.

“I think there are enough nonalcoholic drinks for people to buy. It's dangerous to have alcohol around and have people driving, so that why I voted ‘no,” said Stephanie Snelgrove.

“Right now it's about a 25 to 30 minute round trip for me to go buy alcohol. If the store wants to and is allowed to sell beer, my trip will be about 10 minutes roundtrip. It’ll save fuel and time and it's a right that I have,” said Brendan Owens.

The next step is for store owner Maharshi Swadia to apply to the State of Connecticut for the proper license. If he receives the permit, the country store would be the first to sell beer in Woodstock since the 1930s.

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