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Worst buys before Black Friday

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Retailers such as PC Richard & Son are preparing for Black Friday sales. (WFSB) Retailers such as PC Richard & Son are preparing for Black Friday sales. (WFSB)

With several shopping deals this holiday, Eyewitness News looked into what products you should hold off on buying until Black Friday.

“Black Friday, we like to think of it as a month long event in November,” Wahid Zahedi, who is a manager at PC Richard & Son, said. “Certainly there's a lot of great deals in the store.”

Many shoppers said they are getting a jumpstart on their holiday shopping.

“If there's something that I really like at a good price than I'll go for it,” Southington resident Dave Antone said.

Retailers have been offering deals on many different items. But there are some items that you may want to wait until Black Friday to stock up on.

“It's almost irresistible when you see those discounts signs not to buy it,” Howard Schwartz, who is the executive communications director at the Better Business Bureau, said. “But consumers have to understand that it's going to be sale after sale after sale. And if you buy now, you might regret it later on.”

Appliances, laptops, gaming bundles are all going to take a pricing plunge come Black Friday. Televisions are one of the biggest draws on Black Friday.

This year, retailers told Eyewitness News they are supersizing the deals for Black Friday, literally.

“We had a great showing of people wanting bigger TVs for Black Friday,” Zahedi said. “So this year, we're going to have a lot of specials in the 65" range.”

Fire tablets and Beats headphones are hot gifts. However, Schwartz those items are expected to get their prices slashed.

But it's not just electronics that are getting slapped with sale stickers, items such as kitchen gadgets and outerwear are also expected to drop in price.

But, if the Black Friday crowds aren't for you, PC Richard & Son said they are a safe place to shop right now. They are offering a 30 day price match guarantee.

“If they come in and buy today, they're covered through Black Friday,” Zahedi said. “As long as it's not a limited quantity item at our competitor, we'll price match all day long.”

But not everyone's offering that promise, so experts said patient buyers may be able to stretch their shopping budgets a little further.

Schwartz said there is “a lot of impulse buying at this time of year.”

“It's almost irresistible,” Schwartz said. “But if you can wait a little while, and it might be after the holidays themselves, they can pick up some tremendous deals for themselves.”

With making deals offering 40 to 50 percent off, Schwartz said “consumers should keep in mind as we approach the holidays and the end of the year, eventually those merchants are going to have to get rid of their merchandise.”

“People are itching to buy pretty much anything they can,” Schwartz said.

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