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Connecticut not among U.S.'s fattest states, but still pretty heavy

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Two thirds of Americans may be either obese or overweight, but weight is not huge problem for people in Connecticut.

Still, that doesn't mean the state can breathe easy.

The personal finance website released a list of 2015's fattest states in American.

On it, Connecticut was 45 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.

WalletHub said the state's obesity and overweight prevalence rank was 37 and its unhealthy habits and consequences rank was 51.

Though it scored low overall, the state state had one of the highest percentages of adults who are overweight.

Here's how the state ranked in other categories, with 1 being the worst and 25 being average.

  • 43rd in percent of adults who are obese
  • 35th in percent of children ho are overweight
  • 23rd in percent of children who are obese
  • 31st in percent of residents who are physically inactive
  • 39th in percent of residents with high cholesterol
  • 42nd percent of adults eating less than one serving of fruits/vegetables per day
  • 35th in percent of residents with diabetes
  • 36th in percent of residents with hypertension
  • 47th in death rate due to obesity

Mississippi had the most weight problems, followed closely by Louisiana. Hawaii had the least.

Here's a slideshow of the top 10 fattest states and the 10 least fattest states.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of obese people in the country has surpassed that of overweight people.

That suggests that America's weight problem has grown dramatically in just two decades. The Physical Activity Council reported that 83 million Americans were completely inactive in 2014. That was the highest number since 2007.

For its study, WalletHub said it looked at 12 key metrics, including percentage of adults and children who are overweight and obese to the sugary-beverage consumption among adolescents.

To check out the complete methodology or how other states rank, click here.

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