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Dog injured in Bristol hit-and-run crash

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Max the Husky is recovering after being involved in a hit-and-run crash. (WFSB) Max the Husky is recovering after being involved in a hit-and-run crash. (WFSB)

A Connecticut dog owner is calling on police to find the person responsible for hitting his husky and taking off from the scene.

Sammy Ramos said his 11-month-old husky Max is in an oxygen tank in the emergency room at the Connecticut Veterinary Center in Bristol.  

“He hit him, didn't even slow down and kept going like nothing happened,” Ramos said.  

Max was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing Mountain View in Bristol with its owners on Thursday night, Ramos said. He added the driver was speeding down Mountain View.

“I literally fell on my knees and just screamed because I thought that was it,” Ramos said. “It's absurd how fast people drive on this street.”

Max was doing better on Friday. His oxygen levels were monitored because he isn't getting enough air to his lungs.

Connecticut law requires any driver who hurts or kills to a dog needs to stop and tell the owner. If the owner isn't around, they need to report it to police. If they don't, they could be ticketed.

Ramos has security footage and has already made a police report.

“He definitely looked up when I screamed,” Ramos said. “And I said ‘STOP!’ And he kept going. He just kept going.”

Ramos said he wants the person responsible to come forward.

“I just hope the guy turns himself in, or just comes and apologizes,” Ramos said. “I don't want any money or nothing just want him to be liable for what he did.”

Ramos said it was an older model, tan and brown pickup truck.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Bristol Police Department, but haven't heard back. If you know anything, you're asked to call the Bristol Police Department at 860-584-3011.

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