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Yale frat accused of racism

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Ugly allegations of racism reported on the University of Yale campus.

The allegations center around reports that a fraternity recently turned a student away from a party based on the color of her skin.

The allegation is that a fraternity brother at Sigma Alpha Epsilon said they were looking for "white girls only." However, that fraternity denies the brother said that.

But, some on campus told Eyewitness News they feel this incident is just a small piece to a larger issue.

"I think it’s absolutely disgusting that a fraternity is allowed to operate on this campus on a basis of misogyny and racism,” Yale junior Olivia Klevorn said.

Klevorn is referring to a Facebook post she and plenty of others on campus saw claiming that a girl was turned away from a Halloween party simply for being black with the fraternity brother allegedly saying "white girls only."

Yale senior Abby Johnson said she feels it’s an underlying trend.

"A lot of people here on campus, especially people of color, women of color sometimes feel they're discriminated against or sometimes their voices are not heard,” Johnson said.

Following the backlash, the president of Yale's Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter wrote an op-ed piece in the Yale Daily News.

"'White girls only' and the sentiment it expresses in no way describes our admission policy for social events.  Entry into our home is by no means determined by race,” the op-ed stated.

The fraternity, located on High Street, said it’s a diverse group, which is made up of many races, faiths and sexual orientation. The president added that if anyone was turned away, it was not based on race, but rather capacity issues. 

This week students rallied and a video posted to YouTube by the Yale Daily News shows Dean of Yale Jonathan Holloway listening to students as they aired out their issues and experiences.

"I also think there needs to be a larger conversation and there already is,” Johnson said. “But continuing that conversation on campus about people's experiences and addressing them."

Yale students said they hope this is a start.

"I think there does need to be more of a dialogue,” Klevorn said. “I think a lot of this campus needs to wake up."

Eyewitness News was told Yale is investigating and looking into the allegations regarding the party.

Eyewitness News reached out to yale for a comment. The university did not respond.

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