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Some say coffee trend helps with weight loss

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Ghee (WFSB) Ghee (WFSB)

It’s the last thing you’d think to put in your coffee, but butter is turning into a popular additive for your morning “cup of Joe.”

Butter in coffee is one of the latest health trends, but isn’t just any kind of butter, it’s called “Ghee” and is the purest form of butter.

Ghee is basically the stuff that is left over after water and milk solids are removed from butter, and it’s typically made from cow’s milk.

Shoppers can find Ghee in most grocery stores, natural food stores, and even online.

There are also plenty of home videos posted online as well showing people making Ghee with a blender.

Advocates claim the drink is rich in antioxidants, helps with digestion, is good for the nerves and the brain, and helps you lose weight.

“It tastes great. However, it doesn't help; it goes to all the wrong places of your body,” said Dr. Saira Rani, of UConn Family Medicine. “I can see why it would prevent constipation, because a lot of oil would go through your systems and make you have very smelly bowel movements.”

However, Naturopathic Physician Dr. Rosanne Demanski said “you do get the omega oils, you do get some good oils. It works very well for children who've had stomach issues or constipation issues.”

But some ask the question “is it worth consuming clarified butter on a daily basis.”

“I think the risk of having a heart attack is much greater than you getting a few extra vitamins. Patients that I've had--the few that have tried it--all of their cholesterol have gone up traumatically,” Rani said.

Demanski said an alternate she recommends to her patients can be found right in your spice rack.

“Taking turmeric may decrease inflammation in the gut and therefore allow for some weight loss,” Demanski said.

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