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Democrats could challenge election recount in Clinton

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Democrats could challenge election recount in Clinton (WFSB) Democrats could challenge election recount in Clinton (WFSB)

The shoreline town of Clinton has a new first selectman who was elected by just one vote.

After the candidates originally tied on Election Day, a recount over the weekend gave the edge to a republican challenger, but the race may not be over just yet.

The democrats are trying to figure out if they want to challenge the election.

They said there were some questions about the validity of at least one of the votes, and if they challenge one vote, that brings it back to a tie and everyone could have to vote again.

"Every time you think, ‘oh I won't go, my vote doesn’t count,’ yes it does, this time it really, really did,” said Donna Adelstein of Clinton.

William Fritz has been first selectman of Clinton for the past 10 years, but said he always gets nervous leading up to Election Day.

When he realized turnout wasn’t as high as usual last Tuesday, he started to get worried.

"When they came out and announced the tie it was like they had just let the air out of the room,” Fritz said.

Fritz had tied with republican challenger Bruce Farmer, 1,632 to 1,632. That led to the recount on Saturday, and after hours of crunching the numbers, Farmer came out on top.

The new totals showed Fritz receiving 1,633 and Farmer receiving 1,634.

First Selectman-Elect Farmer said he is excited to get started at town hall, and doesn’t blame the democrats for talking about a challenge.

"They have every right to do that, this is a democracy that we live in. I wish them luck with that, but I think the voters have spoken and the recount was very clear after four-and-a-half hours that I in fact won by one vote," Farmer said.

A revote would have to be ordered by the court. Residents said if that does happen, they think turnout would be much higher.

"I think a lot more people would come out this time, if there is another one,” said Janet Gerencser of Clinton.

The democratic town chair said they have seven days from Saturday’s recount to decide if they want to challenge.

They are hoping to come to a decision in the next day or two.

As of now, Farmer is set to be sworn in a week from Monday.

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