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Two scooter's stolen from teen's yard

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Two scooter's stolen from teen's yard (submitted/WFSB) Two scooter's stolen from teen's yard (submitted/WFSB)

Two scooters were stolen from a teenager’s yard in Terryville.

The teen was working two jobs to save up for a new one, and while he was trying to sell one, both were stolen.

“I kind of had to do a double take, I didn't know where it went,” said high school senior Tom Vaughn.

He was trying to sell his silver scooter and thought he was close to getting the $500 he was asking.

“We had it out for a week and there were a whole bunch of people looking at it and everything, and I came home on Saturday afternoon and it was gone,” Vaughn said.

He said the scooter was cabled and locked in the yard, and when he went to go check things out, he noticed the thieves left something behind.

“We actually found a saw because it was cabled up to the guard wire and they left their saw on the ground and they cut the lock on it,” Vaughn said.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, his new red scooter, which he worked hard to purchase, also went missing.

“I had two jobs this summer and saved up all my money to get these bikes and it’s just heartbreaking to have both of them gone in two days,” Vaughn said.

He uses the red scooter to get around. He goes to school, has a job, and now he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

“I can't really go anywhere and I have to drive to my bus stop which is two miles down the road so I don't know what I'm going to do as far as getting to school now,” Vaughn said.

Two police reports have been filed and police said they are investigating and asking for the public’s help.

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