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Police launch fugitive roundup in Hartford

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Police launch fugitive roundup in Hartford (WFSB) Police launch fugitive roundup in Hartford (WFSB)

On Thursday morning, Hartford police and U.S. marshals teamed up to lock-up dozens of registered sex offenders and others who are out on warrants.

Eyewitness News was granted rare access for the large-scale, early morning sweep on Thursday.

Crews spread across the city to catch 40 people, mostly sex offenders who have failed to register or update their addresses.

As they fanned out for their first target, one officer said it wasn’t the scary part of her job.

She said she knows she and her co-workers are doing it for a reason.

On Thursday morning, the first target wasn’t home, but police kept searching.

Next, police sought a woman who lives in a brick building, but first they confronted a restaurant worker on the first level.

“I saw them coming across the street and somebody tried the door before the,” said restaurant worker Sal Mancini, who said he was wondering what was going on.

He pointed to an upstairs apartment, where a suspect came down quietly and got into a police transport.

Some of the people police were looking for were wanted on charges like burglary, or sexual assault, like Fransisco Robles, who was arrested.

While the warrant sweeps are expensive, they are important.

“It’s a good opportunity to have for enforcement reasons and compliance,” said Deputy James Masterson, of the U.S. Marshals Service.

In order to help keep track of the sometimes elusive sex offenders and suspected ones.

A total of 20 people were taken into custody on Thursday.

Most of them were for failing to register as sex offenders, and several were arrested on sex assault warrants.

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