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Do-It-Yourself home security becoming more popular

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Do-It-Yourself home security becoming more popular (WFSB) Do-It-Yourself home security becoming more popular (WFSB)

Home security is an invaluable investment, but some people are skipping the pricey installations and fees and opting for a do-it-yourself option.

“These DIY home systems, can be cost effective for those who don't want to spend the money on a security plan,” said Lt. William Meier, of the Vernon Police Department.

All you need is your old smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. Then, the user sets up a free account on a website, like Ivideon, which allows the user to sync the camera on the old phone to the account.

Once the cameras are linked, the user can mount the phone wherever they want, and either watch from an app on a currently used cell phone, or from a desktop computer.

“As we try to put the pieces together, cameras are also a good tool that we've been using to identify suspects,” Meier said.

Police said home video surveillance is becoming more common and useful in cracking many different types of cases.

Many smartphones, even older ones, have decent cameras, giving a clear image of a break-in.

Experts said where the camera is mounted is important.

“So if you're going to install it on the first floor where someone could reach it or reach it with a stick. Make sure the camera can't be moved out of view,” Meier said.

If a thief notices the camera, they may take off with it or break it.

“You can certainly put a plant around it to disguise as much as possible,” said Brian Gouin, of Strategic Design Services.

Also, the user may want to point a camera at big ticket items that thieves may find attractive, and pay attention to the back of the house too.

“A lot of times burglars will enter through somewhere that is not visible from the street,” Meier said.

Staying one step ahead of crooks can offer peace of mind to homeowners, and help police track down suspects.

There are some limitations to a “doing it yourself” home security.

More expensive systems offer sophisticated features that can make it easier to monitor the home, but if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to give this method a shot.

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