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Residents debate gun range proposal in Plymouth

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Residents pack a meeting in Plymouth Thursday night. (WFSB photo) Residents pack a meeting in Plymouth Thursday night. (WFSB photo)

On Thursday evening, residents in Plymouth came out to discuss prohibiting outdoor shooting ranges in town.

A proposal was made to amend town zoning laws to prohibit outdoor shooting ranges.

It was brought about by a local resident representing a neighborhood that was on the verge of having a range built on commercial property nearby.

The application for the range was withdrawn a few months ago but it didn’t dissuade the opposition from this counter attack.

Those in favor of the town-wide ban based their points on safety, noise pollution and decreased property value.

George Porter led the charge to prohibit any new outdoor shooting ranges, anywhere in the town.

“It would be the third largest, if not the largest in Connecticut. Sound would be unbearable. How do we live?  Our quality of life would change,” Porter said.

Opponents to Porter included his longtime friend Joel McClay, who spoke about a popular fear in the town of a blanket law that would affect all areas of the town without proper research and protocol.

“This is a very dramatic. Draconian type of blanket painting of new rules and regulations. That would be extremely strict and not let anybody do anything,” McClay said.

“Put it inside a building, not a dome a real building that's soundproof so nobody has to hear it.  You shouldn't have to hear it. And I shouldn't have to hear it,” Porter added.

After hearing from both sides of the argument, the commission voted to hold another town meeting in which they will discuss a moratorium on shooting ranges until the proper research and due diligence can be completed.

That meeting will be held on Dec. 17.

In addition to the possible prohibition of any new outdoor shooting ranges, the amendment proposed it would prohibit the expansion of any current shooting ranges in the town.

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