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Middletown mayor testifies in wrongful termination trial

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Patrick McMahon (WFSB) Patrick McMahon (WFSB)

A former Middletown police chief who is suing to get his job back claims the investigation into his conduct was biased.

Patrick McMahon was fired three years ago, and the city’s current mayor was the star witness.

McMahon has yet to take the stand, but said he feels he shouldn’t have been fired.

He was a deputy police chief in Middletown when he was let go.

An investigation found McMahon was seen drinking in public while wearing his gun and badge, and Middletown Mayor Dan Drew made the decision to get rid of McMahon.

While being investigated, McMahon held a press conference saying he wanted to clear his name, but there was more.

"He threatened people who made accusations against him, and said he would deal with them when he came back from his leave,” Drew said.

The investigation was done by an outside attorney.

McMahon claims it was biased, and that the attorney doing it was friendly with William McKenna, who replaced McMahon. They had gone to school together.

The city said that isn’t true, and the bottom line was that McMahon was seen drinking and that he denied it when first asked.

"The investigator is well known state wide, nationally. He interviewed about 18 different people, all of those people were interviewed with a court reporter. They all corroborated the gentleman was drinking,” said the city’s attorney Mike Rose.

"The way the investigation was conducted, the evidence we elicited as a result of the investigation - certainly influenced the outcome of the investigation,” said McMahon’s attorney Richard Padykula.

McMahon’s attorneys have said McMahon didn’t lie about drinking, but that he couldn’t recall some of the occasions, and that he should not have been fired.

The trial resumes on Wednesday.

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