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Terror attacks prompt beefed up security at train stations

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Last Friday's terror attacks in Paris have people all over the world worried for their own safety, including in Connecticut.

A newly released ISIS video featured images of Times Square in New York City and it put the area on high alert.

Still, New York leaders urged citizens to continue to live their lives.

Police said travelers and commuters can expect to see an increased police presence at all mass transit hubs, including Hartford's Union Station where buses headed to New York City on Thursday.

They said bomb-sniffing dogs will be a common sight at train stations across Connecticut.

Along side them, police said they'll be armed with long guns. It's a combined effort between a number of different agencies to not only sweep trains and buses, but keep their eyes open for anything suspicious.

"I love it," said Cheryl Wasserman of Washington D.C. "These dogs are well trained, they're here to protect us and just seeing how they work and how they're trained, it's good. It gives me a sense of comfort."

Passengers heading to New York City can also expected to see heavily armed officers standing guard in Times Square.

The ISIS video shows a suicide bomber preparing for an attack and footage of tourist sites and restaurants there.

Police said the pictures reaffirm that the city is a top terror target, but also that it's old footage.

"It looks like it's been hastily produced," said Bill Bratton, NYC police commissioner. "It is a mishmash of previously released video. We believe it's a compilation of one produced in August."

Mayor Bill De Blasio said people should continue to live their lives and enjoy the city.

"The people of New York City will not be intimidated," he said.

Following Friday's attacks that left 129 dead and hundreds more hurt in Paris, police in New York already beefed up patrols and dispatched a new counter-terrorism unit.

This all comes just a week away from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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