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Middlebury family continues to fight school decision

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Children being uprooted from school because of property line (WFSB) Children being uprooted from school because of property line (WFSB)

A mother will stop at nothing to keep her children in the school district they have attended for eight years.

The family’s property sits on the Middlebury and Waterbury town line, but now the school district in Middlebury is forcing her two children to learn in Waterbury.

The problem is the family’s mailbox and driveway are in Middlebury but their home is entirely in Waterbury.

They have been paying taxes in both towns, but all of a sudden, the children are being uprooted from their school in Middlebury.

“My son is devastated. He's being torn away from his friends, teachers, he's developed relationships with his teachers,” said Heather Murray. “He's doing the best he can and we're being as supportive as possible.”

Region 15 started the process to get the Murray children out of their schools after learning their home was not technically in Middlebury.

The children who previously lived in the home went to Middlebury schools, but now the region told the family the only way to stay, is to pay.

“Their tuition is $14,000 per child, per year,” Murray said.

The family decided to appear to Waterbury’s superior court, and now Middlebury schools are threatening to go after back tuition if they keep fighting.

“We estimated it at $204,000,” Murray said, who said she is willing to risk it even if she loses.

In the meantime, Murray has also lobbied local politicians to get the home annexed into Middlebury, and started an online petition that has garnered dozens of signatures.

“It would avoid a lot of the confusion, it would avoid a lot of the dispute over districting and boundary lines,” Murray said.

Many have wanted to know why the Murrays can’t move, but they said the school district is a huge factor in home value. Now that the home is in a Waterbury district, they said it brings the value down to far below what they owe.

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