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Syrian refugee debate is deeply divided

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Syrian refugee debate is deeply divided (WFSB) Syrian refugee debate is deeply divided (WFSB)

The issue of Syrian refugees and whether they should be allowed in the United States is deeply divided.

Some people who are against allowing them into the country tried to grab the attention of lawmakers at a press conference on Monday being held by Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Even though the press conference had nothing to do with Syrian refugees, one woman was determined to get the senator’s attention about the topic.

She interrupted the press conference and said she had a petition with hundreds of signatures from people saying they don’t want Syrian refugees in the country.

“Clearly this complex and challenging issue has to be addressed by our government effectively,” Blumenthal said, adding that he supports relocation efforts.

It is a complex issue, one Wendy Hartling is trying to understand.

Her daughter was allegedly killed by a Haitian man, within days after getting out of prison.

Jean Jacques served 17 years for an attempted murder in Norwich, and just days after his release, he is accused of killing 25-year-old Casey Chadwick.

“I want there to be changes, in deportation. I want no parents to go through what (I went through). This is awful,” Hartling said.

She was asked to go to Hartford to speak out against Syrian refugees, but she said it isn’t really her cause.

In fact, Jacques is not a refugee but an illegal immigrant.

Saud Anwar was born in Pakistan. He is a doctor and a city councilor in Vernon, and he said he understands people’s concerns but feels some are not informed.

“Trying to punish the people who are not breaking the law is not ethical and inappropriate,” Anwar said.

As for Jacques, he was supposed to be deported after his prison term but Blumenthal said the agency in charge of deportation made mistakes, which is something he said he feels needs to be addressed.

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