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Pellet delivery delayed in Thompson

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These cold temperatures may have you turning up the heat, but residents in one town said they can’t do that because of what the power company isn’t doing.

Two customers told Eyewitness News that they are frustrated with the Wilsonville Power Company in Thompson and these issues have been happening for the last few months.

Eyewitness News saw a sign on the business front door and they decided it was time to take action.

“I want pellets. I really want what I paid for ‎which I'm not getting,” Mike Fasshauer said.

After talking with the owner of the Wilsonville Power Company in Thompson, Fasshauer said he has no clue when he’ll see his pellets

“This gentlemen right here has taken me to the cleaners,” Fasshauer said. “He guaranteed me that it was premium hard wood best you'll ever get.”

Fasshauer uses the pellets to heat his home. He showed Eyewitness News the $790 check he used to purchase three tons of pellets in October. But so far, Fasshauer said he’s only gotten a ton of them during an emergency delivery.

“They were some of the worst pellets we ever had ‎in the 13 years we have been burning pellets,” Fasshauer said.

Fasshauer said this contract that he signed guarantees him that he would receive his order before thanksgiving.

“We are owed two more ‎tons,” Fasshauer said.

When they didn’t show, Fasshauer said he decided to stop by company’s office on riverside drive. That’s when he saw a sign warning customers about the problems the company was facing getting the pellets.

“I and my neighbor were cringing,” Fasshauer said. “Now, we're having to go to Walmart or Tractor Supply to get wood pellets to hold us over until we get our order.”

The company told Eyewitness News it understands that some customers are frustrated, but they said they were equally frustrated with promises not being kept to them. Exactly what promises the company was given, a spokesperson didn’t elaborate. But, for now, Fasshauer said he will be filing a complaint with the state’s attorney office.

“They had no problem taking my money,” Fasshauer said.  

The company told Eyewitness News if they're unable to provide the pellet fuel, they would offer customers a full refund.

However, they didn't let us know how soon that would happen

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