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CT bank is hoping customers will 'pay it forward'

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A local bank plays secret Santa, with hopes the giving continues. (WFSB) A local bank plays secret Santa, with hopes the giving continues. (WFSB)

A local bank is playing secret Santa this holiday season and they're dropping envelopes full of money around town.

The Savings Bank of Danbury has one request that those who find the money, to "pay it forward."

The envelopes are red and blue with a simple request, “open me.” Inside each one are two $20 bills and two $5 bills, for a total of $50.  That’s when the person on the receiving end will need to make a decision, keep some, all or pass the good-will on.

“That's wonderful,” Elena Maslow, of Danbury, said. “I have never heard of a bank doing that, usually the bank wants my money.”

“It's something like a miracle,” Maria Rivera, of Danbury, said. “People are going to say it's a miracle that they found the money.”

These envelopes are the holiday campaign of paying it forward at the Savings Bank of Danbury. The local bank is giving back to the local community, directly affecting one life and hoping it touches more.

“If you're in a hairdresser, you might see an envelope waiting on the desk while waiting for your appointment,” Kathleen Romagano, who is a CEO with Savings Bank of Danbury said. “Or if you go into a Headstart program, you might find it at the front while you're dropping off your children.”

The money envelopes will be left out in the open. But the decisions about what to do with it, will be private.

But, Romagano envisions inspirational stories of holiday sharing will be made public.

“We want them to show that excitement and that joy they had by paying it forward, so what we're doing is to ask them to come to our Facebook page or Twitter us at tell us what they did with the money,” Romangano said.

Over the next 18 days, 50 envelopes, maybe more, will be going out. Eyewitness News caught up with locals asking them what they'd do if they happen to be on the receiving end.

“I would maybe donate to the St. Jude's,” Rivera said. “Then get gifts for my nephews and niece.”

“I would donate it to the canine rescue,” Maslow said.

Once the envelopes are out, the money could be found and used for anything, but during the holiday season. Romangano said she is confident the community will come through.

“The stories are going to be the end result of this,” Romangano said. “I think you'll see most people give all the money and I suspect you'll see some people give some of their own money with that.”

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