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Police warn that package delivery thefts rise around the holidays

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As more people shop online this holiday season, more reports of thieves targeting doorstep packages are popping up.

Allstate insurance company said almost 70 percent of people admit to scheduling delivers when they are not at home.

Police in Vernon, along with those in other towns, want to remind people to be on the lookout for individuals who don't look familiar and are just hanging around.

They said thieves are able to quickly identify homes that are easy targets. In many cases, it takes seconds.

"Things that are visible from the road, from the street, sometimes can become targets," said Lt. Bill Meier, Vernon police. "But at the same time, sometimes things that are hidden well from the road, behind shrubs or bushes where they can be undetected, can be enticing targets."

Police suggested having packages delivered to the actual retailer for pickup or a place of employment.

"If you don't have any other options and you have to have package delivered try and use something, a delivery service that's tracked," Meier said.

Meier said one of the best security measures is neighbors looking out for one another.

"We all know each other," agreed John Bassilakis, South Windsor. "We're not peeping Toms, but we do kind of keep our eyes on everybody's property to make sure that something doesn't look unusual."

Neighbors told Eyewitness News that though their homes have not been targeted, they're being cautious.

"You have to keep track of the days that you know that they're coming in because they tell you a date," said Jodie Wassell of Manchester.

"We do have a dog that likes to bark quite a bit, and we do have somebody that's home often times," Bassilakis said. "So it's a somewhat of a safety net but certainly not a 100 percent safe."

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