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Connecticut federal delegation wants action on gun measures

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Connecticut federal delegation wants action on gun measures (WFSB) Connecticut federal delegation wants action on gun measures (WFSB)

Members of Connecticut's congressional delegation are criticizing colleagues in Washington, D.C., and expressing frustration that gun control efforts have been stymied since the 2012 deadly Newtown school shooting.

Sen. Chris Murphy on Friday called it "disgusting" that Congress is unwilling to accept any of the options he contends could help stem mass shootings. The comments came in the wake of the mass shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino, California.

Murphy said members of Congress don't get elected to send out "sympathy tweets," but rather to change laws to make people safer. He urged members to show they're "capable of doing something, anything" to prevent shootings.

Murphy was joined Friday by Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Reps. Elizabeth Esty and John Larson in expressing frustration with the lack of support for curbing firearms.

"Wayne LaPierre, and his gang of lobbyists, descend on the United States capitol and for whatever reason in the House of Representatives we're muzzled - not even a vote," said Congressman John Larson (D-CT), who blames the head of the National Rifle Association for stifling the gun debate.

The delegation finds it outrageous that thousands on the FBI's terrorist watch list can't get on a plane, but they can buy a gun.

They are urging Congress to vote and close the loophole that allows suspected terrorists to have weapons.

Republicans and gun groups are quick to fire back, and the Connecticut GOP said in a statement "They blame the gun, not the deranged criminals who perpetrate these horrific and violent acts of terror on the American people."

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League said in a statement "their ultimate goal is to eradicate our 2nd Amendment, and to disarm the population of this country."

In 10 years, more than 2,000 on the terrorist watch list have bought guns. Lawmakers admit one law won't protect everyone.

"Clearly these measures can save lives....and my hope is San Bernardino will be a tipping point," said Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Congress has one more week before they recess. Connecticut's delegation feels they owe it to the American people to at least debate the issue and not continue to do nothing.

Some lawmakers said they voted 'no' on a bill that would ban people on the federal terror watch list from buying guns because they believe that some of those people should not be on the list.

For more information on the criteria for someone to be added to the watch list, click here.

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