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Governor calls gun permit ban 'common sense' on CBS This Morning

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Connecticut's governor discussed his new gun permit ban on CBS This Morning Friday.

Despite receiving backlash from gun rights advocates, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced on Thursday that he'd be signing an executive order to ban people on any terror watch list from purchasing a firearm in Connecticut.

He said during a news conference that he was horrified to learn people on no-fly lists could still purchase weapons.

"Several days before the attack in California, I read this report about how many times people on the terrorism watch list had been allowed to legally buy guns in America," Malloy told Charlie Rose of CBS This Morning. "It was 2,043 times. It doesn't make any sense."

Malloy acknowledged that there was an attempt to do something about it, but the National Rifle Association beat it back.

"It's time for people to stand up and say 'if somebody's done something that has them on the terrorism watch list, then perhaps we should temporarily delay them from buying a gun or permanently ban them from buying a gun in a state like Connecticut,'" Malloy said.

Rose brought up the point about the attackers in the San Bernardino, CA shooting, who killed 14 people last week, were not on any terrorism watch list. Co-anchor and former WFSB personality Gayle King took the notion further and asked about those who think the lists are flawed.

"The argument there is that things aren't perfect, therefore we should do nothing," Malloy responded. "I want to be very clear. We deny people the right to buy a gun in Connecticut. It's subject to appeal. Many of those appeals are granted because there was a mistake in the paperwork or some other thing had happened."

Gun rights groups claim that what Malloy is trying to do goes against second amendment rights. They said many on those lists have not been convicted of a crime.

The governor said he was not arguing to permanently ban someone from purchasing a gun. However, he thought the state should be able to stop it if they're on a list.

Regardless, he argued that background checks should still be common sense.

"There should be no gun sales that are not subject to background checks," Malloy said. "Overwhelmingly, Americans agree with that. Overwhelmingly, members of the NRA agree there should be background checks."

Following the attack in California and in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 26 students and staff dead, Malloy said Congress has since failed to act.

He said Connecticut is currently working with federal officials to gain access to terrorist watch lists.

"I'll sign an executive order once an agreement is reached," Malloy said.

Two years ago in New Jersey, the general assembly passed similar legislation but they don't have any lists.

The information is considered top secret, with an estimated 50,000 names on the no-fly lists and more than one million on the terrorism watch lists.

"This is going to enter into the debate about gun control now because there's a constitutional right to own guns, and now we have people wrongly on those lists who have been denied rights," said Quinnipiac University Law Professor William Dunlop.

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