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Statements from CT Congressional Delegation on 3rd anniversary of Sandy Hook tragedy

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Several Connecticut lawmakers released statements on the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting:

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

“We grieve today, as we have every single day since that soul crushing December morning. We remember the little ones, and marvel at what they were, and what they could have become. We recall with awe those brave educators, who tried to protect them, and perished in the effort. And we never stop searching for answers. Why did it happen? Did it have to happen? What can we do, now, to make sure it never happens again? Today, we stop, and consider the fickle, fleeting nature of life. We pledge to be more patient, more gentle, more forgiving, to both strangers and those we love. And we pledge to honor the memory of that awful day, three years ago, by never ever giving up in our quest to make our country a safer, kinder place - no matter the obstacles, the setbacks, or the roadblocks we find along the way."

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal

"Our bond with Newtown is as resolute as ever -- we are with the families and community as strongly as we were three years ago on this tragic day. Their pain and grief are real and powerful, but so are their courage and resilience in the face of unspeakable horror. I have respect beyond words for the personal bravery and strength of the survivors in Newtown - and for the tens of thousands of others who shoulder such pain and loss each day across our nation. We will never forget the loved ones lost, and I will never abandon this cause. We must honor with action today and every day."

U.S. Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01) 

“No one can forget the pain and grief we all felt in the aftermath of that horrific shooting. Our hearts were broken as our worst fears as parents came true. Today we remember the twenty children taken before their time. We remember the six brave educators who died trying to protect their students. We think of the families who will never be the same. We stand with Newtown, in honor of their resilience, their compassion, and their courage.  In the wake of that awful day, we came together as a nation. We can do so again. We can be kinder, more understanding, more forgiving. Today, we are all Newtown. We grieve for those who were lost, and cherish those still with us.”

Joe Courtney (CT-2)

Rosa DeLauro (CT-3)

“As we mark the third anniversary of the tragic moment in Newtown that forever changed our country, we stand united with a community that is stronger today. On that cold December day, we lost 26 students and teachers in an unspeakable tragedy. And while we mark another year without the sons and daughters we lost, we know that their spirits live on through the resilience of Newtown. We must honor their memory with action, for no community should ever have to experience what happened in ours.”

“Congress should institute commonsense gun violence prevention efforts that can save lives and stop American communities from being ripped apart. Three years after the tragedy in Newtown, we cannot even get a simple yes or no vote on background checks. Congress also refuses to renew the assault weapons ban, allowing more high-capacity guns and magazines to flood our streets. And just last week, the House voted again to not allow debate on a bill that would stop suspected terrorists from buying a firearm. I have also been calling for Congress to lift the federal ban on gun violence research that is stopping us from studying how we can save lives. We cannot continue to sit silently while these tragedies take place in American communities.”

On Monday, DeLauro organized a letter with twenty of her colleagues to the major news networks to help shed light on the issue of gun violence. The letter requested that the networks direct their affiliates in each state to broadcast a list of names and photos of every victim of gun violence each day in the affiliate’s respective state. The effort would serve to ensure that the public is aware of the gun violence epidemic in their home communities, while honoring and remembering victims of gun violence.

U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty (CT-5)

"Today, our thoughts are with the families, first responders, and the Newtown community. Those who, despite their broken hearts, live each day as an inspiration to us all. We remember and we honor the 20 beautiful children and six courageous educators whose lives were cut short on what started as a routine day of learning. We reflect on the resiliency of a community that has sparked a growing movement of people all across the country, Americans from big cities and small towns, united in an unending resolve and unceasing commitment to saving lives. Since the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook three years ago today, over 90,000 Americans have lost their lives to gun violence, over 210,000 have been injured, and countless others have been affected. All those families live with grief and sorrow each day. Newtown teaches us that we cannot accept this gun violence that afflicts our communities. We must stand with those who continue to suffer and we must stand up for those who have been taken from us. From our city streets to our places of worship - we are all Newtown. No one is immune from the scourge of senseless gun violence in this country. Therefore, let us stand together with Newtown all across the nation. Let us take time out of our busy schedules to remember the lives lost by serving our community in ways big or small. Let us do what we can to create a safer tomorrow for all our children. Let us honor with action."

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