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Plan could put cameras in classrooms in Preston

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After the shooting in Sandy Hook, many Connecticut schools made changes in security and now, the Preston Board of Education is considering cameras in their classrooms.

Recent incidents prompted the board to take a look at cameras and their discussion starts on Monday night. 

There are cameras at Preston’s middle and elementary schools. They're on the grounds and in the hallways and even in the computer lab to prevent theft.

But, a proposed plan would put cameras in every classroom.

“It’s not for teacher performance. It’s not for intruders,” Jan Clancy, who is the chairwoman of the Preston Board of Education, said. “It’s for an insurance policy for teachers and the kids."

Clancy said cameras would leave little for interpretation. There was an incident recently in West Haven where a teacher was fired after he pulled a chair out from under a student.  The incident was recorded on another student's cellphone.

Clancy discussed that incident with Eyewitness News. "That I probably wasn't seeing the whole story. I don't believe any teacher would just go over and randomly pull a chair out,” Clancy said. “I am not justifying his actions, but something happened beforehand to provoke that." 

Cameras on school grounds have been helpful to administrators. They caught someone dumping construction debris contaminated with asbestos into a schools dumpster. 

The cameras on a school bus captured the image of a man who had been harassing a student at a school bus stop.

At first, Clancy said teachers were apprehensive about cameras in the classroom, but are realizing it could be beneficial.  The cost for the cameras would roughly $100,000.  

The meeting is at 630 p.m. at the Preston Veteran's Memorial School. Teachers, parents and residents are encouraged to attend.

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