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Flowers spotted throughout CT

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If you spotted a few flowers in your yard or even a bud on a tree, you are not alone.

The warmer temperatures seem to be causing all kinds of confusion throughout Connecticut.

Eyewitness News has received several photos of flowers making an early appearance.

There was a viewer photo from Terryville of a tree bud in a backyard, a rose ready to pop in Darien and a tulip spotted by a man riding his lawnmower. 

"So what I think we're going to see this spring, Mark, is fewer flowers on our shrubs, trees and that might even mean reduced fruiting for trees like apples,” Julie Harrison, who is a landscape designer, said.

While it's a nice change, Harrison said it may not be a good one because the plants are fooled.

"Here we're in this garden at Elizabeth Park and you can see the dill is having some fresh growth, look at this fresh growth coming here,” Harrison said.

You're encouraged to water anything that's showing signs of life but don't cover it. Harrison said that would make it even hotter and harder for them to survive until we get a deep freeze.

"I mean, hopefully, gradually the temperatures will return to where they should be this time of year and things can sorta continue on as they should,” Harrison said.

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