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Brewery to re-launch beer after criticism

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Brewery to re-launch beer after criticism (WFSB) Brewery to re-launch beer after criticism (WFSB)

A local brewer is rebranding a popular craft beer, one year after facing backlash over its Mahatma Gandhi-inspired brew.

In January, the New England Brewing Company started getting heat over its Gandhi-Bot beer.

"I heard that it made you feel warm and fuzzy and that was an interesting description for me,” said Chris Schmidt of Maine.

The original can featured a cartoon image of a robot that looked like Mahatma Gandhi, the late Indian civil rights leader.

The company said it never meant to offend anyone, but rather pay homage to Gandhi.

They announced back then that the India Pale Ale would get a new label and name, and now it is getting ready to hit the shelves.

The new can shows a robotic arm rising up from a pile of scrap metal, with its hand is flashing a peace sign.

While the look will be different, the taste will remain the same.

"Same beer, so yeah it’s one of their best. It's good they've increased capacity, it’s good that they're going to have more available,” said Jeremy Nixon of New Haven.

Waiting to fill his growlers, Nixon said he is looking forward to the rebranded brew.

"Their beer is really good, its good beer, it’s that simple. I've probably had 20 different kinds and haven't had a bad one yet. Its fresh, can get it pretty quickly,” Nixon said.

The company actually brewed Gandhi-Bot for a number of years, before it became an issue back in January.

Newspapers in India were reporting that a lawyer even brought a case against the company.

But after meeting with Indian-American community leaders in Connecticut, the company said it would rebrand and rename the beer, and the re-launch is just around the corner.

"If its good beer it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it tastes good. That really is the key,” Schmidt said.

The beer should be on shelves with the new name and design by the end of the month.

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