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Scam coupons make the rounds over the internet

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Fake coupons are making the rounds over the internet, according to consumer advocates.

They’re saying things like 50 percent off purchases at H-E-B or 40 percent off the entire purchase at ShopRite.

"Pretty sure you're not going to find that on the newspaper or magazine or anything like that," said Michael Contreras, a coupon clipper.

They’re coupons that are promising similar deals through links shared on Facebook.

ShopRite issued a statement on its Facebook page to alert everyone of the scam.

"Please be advised that the Giveaway-Coups .com coupon, pictured here, is fraudulent and will NOT be honored at our stores," the statement said. "Visit for this week's coupon offers & enjoy our everyday low prices!"

H-E-B posted a similar notice.

"The 50% off coupon is not a sponsored or affiliated coupon with H-E-B. We are aware of the situation. Thank you all for bringing it to our attention," it said.

It’s a scam that Contreras said he’s seen before.

"It’s overly a good deal,” he said. “Too good to be true honestly."

The ad asks users to click and share, or in some cases, fill out a customer survey.

However, the Coupon Information Center, a company that fights coupon fraud, said it’s a trick to get users’ personal information or to get them to download malware on their computers.

Contreras said he almost fell for the scam. He recommends thinking before clicking.

“The store's not going to go through with that,” he said. “They should know that right off the bat if you see it."

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