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Shortcut-taking student prompts 'lock-in' at high school in Orange

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A possible suspicious person on the grounds of a junior high school in Orange prompted some security precautions.

Police said Amity Junior High School was placed in lock-in mode after representatives from the school contacted the department about the person.

Officers said a school employee saw someone dressed in dark clothing running on a walkway outside of the school during instructional time.

School officials initiated the lock-in mode, where students can go about their regular activities but the school does not allow anyone in or out of the building.

Police said they sent a number of officers to the scene to handle the situation.

However, they eventually determined that the suspicious person was actually a student from the school who used the walkway as a shortcut to avoid being late for class.

The lock-in was lifted and officers cleared the scene within about 20 minutes of the initial call.

Police said there was no threat to students, the school or staff at any time.

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