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Bristol home condemned right before Christmas

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The Christmas tree is up, but Lurlene Mcqueen doesn't know if she and her daughter will even be living under the same roof on Friday.

On Monday, the City of Bristol condemned three units in a multi-family home on Tallion Street.

Residents aren’t blaming the city, but they’re tired of living in unsafe conditions.

Resident Shyra Heyward said “our bedrooms, we don’t have floors. It’s like hardwood with nails sticking up.”

City officials have discovered rotted doors, mold, broken bathroom windows that have drafts, as well as broken sidewalks.

The city officials also saw a basement that is so full that it could be a fire hazard.

City officials gave the landlord, Aljanaby Mohammad months to clean up his act, but say they've been met with defiance each time.

Guy Morin, the chief building official said, “he went through an appeals board, had a hearing on it, and even at that point, he told them he wasn't going to fix it and we had to hire a contractor to do the work.”

Resident Lori Bokanoski agreed and said, “you ask him to fix something and it’s ‘tomorrow, tomorrow,’ but tomorrow never comes.”

The city says the condemnation has been on Mohammad’s radar for weeks, yet last week he came to collect rent payments from $875 to $1100 in cash from his residents.

The tenants inside of the home are working to find temporary homes before Christmas, but both Heyward and Bokanoski said, “I want his house to be condemned, I want him to feel what we're feeling right now. Let him have two days to leave. He's heartless. How can you do this to any human? He should be ashamed of himself. Aljanaby Mohammad, you should really be ashamed of yourself.”

Mohammad could possibly be arrested after police investigate his other properties.

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