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CT woman fights to bring her dog home

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Connecticut woman fights to get Rottweilers Kato and Kleo back home. Connecticut woman fights to get Rottweilers Kato and Kleo back home.

A Hamden woman who expected to get her two dogs back after an alleged dog attack is still waiting, three years later.

“It has been an absolute nightmare. I haven't slept in three years," Kim Miller said.

Miller said she is trying to save her Rottweilers Kato and Kleo from death. Miller showed Eyewitness News a video of the dogs obeying orders at the shelter they've called home for the last 3 years. 

The dogs were supposed to be put down, but Miller filed at least two appeals in the court system.

“I said well, I'm going to fight for my dogs and it has been a three year battle," Miller said.

The dogs were accused of attacking a woman in Miller's neighborhood in Hamden in the fall of 2012. Miller said she thinks someone unlocked her fence allowing the dogs to get out of the yard.

“They don't know which dog had the incident, they just took both dogs," Miller said.

The dogs have been in a local animal shelter but since they've been in there. They've developed a handful of illnesses.

Miller provided Eyewitness News with pictures that shows sores and wounds on the dogs paws and legs.

“They don't heal because they're not in a normal environment," Miller said.

Miller visits the dogs almost daily. She has spent well more than $42,000 in legal fees fighting to get her dogs back. She's also paying for their needs while they're in the shelter.

“I have food for them. I've provided beds for them in the shelter. I bring toys for them," Miller said. “I have medication. I'm allowed to take them to the vet, so I've even kept them current on all their shots.”

She has even put in cameras and a second fence around her home. And all she wants is her two dogs back home.

“They are my family pets, they're my kids, my babies, my fur babies and I don't think its right to dispose of them like an old shoe," Miller said.

The only thing Miller can do next is wait to hear back from the appellate court.

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